Pastel, which is a bridge from Asia to Europe, has been producing nature-friendly cardboard food containers since 2009 with the latest technology. Thanks to its innovative, creative and flexible production structure, Pastel is able to respond from very large tonnage production to smaller tonnage productions.

The main reason that Pastel has chosen its production as cardboard food containers is that the cardboard is the most environmentally friendly material in terms of being a renewable resource and recycling. The cartons we use are obtained from periodically planted forests and are far ahead in terms of recycling and natural solubility according to materials obtained from limited sources such as Plastics and Aluminum.

Our mission is to create superior packaging; Our mission is to protect the nature of the product while protecting the nature, recyclable and natural soluble, environmentally friendly materials with the latest technological innovations, to help our customers environmentally friendly approaches to add extra value to them and therefore to be preferred by consumers.

Our first goals are to continuously develop our employees and production technology, to produce solutions to our customers' needs, to create new ideas with our experiences and creativity, to be long-term solution partners by adding extra value to them.

In addition to the current products, Pastel carries out important projects in the development of systems that are much more environmentally friendly and more sensitive to the environment and which add technological superiority to their containers.

Naturapack is part of nature.