From the freezer to the table;
- from the freezer at 40 ° C, directly at + 200 ° C in the microwave or in the normal furnace heating or cooking feature.

Provides functional and elegant presentation;
Thanks to its elegant design and functionality, it contributes to the value and attractiveness of the product in it.

The unique product-specific format makes it attractive for the consumer;
The design and size of Naturapack containers can be customized to the needs of our customers' marketing strategies and products. Thanks to its design, shape and quality printing, it allows the product to be differentiated and attracted.

Ideal packaging for fresh and frozen foods;
Naturapack Carton Food Containers are used for a wide range of products from fresh food to frozen food thanks to its barrier-coated PET coating.

More flexibility, less cost;
Naturapack containers are designed for use in highly efficient packaging lines. With its large printing surface, it eliminates the cost and waste of secondary packaging.