In the Global Warming Atmosphere, consumers increasingly prefer products that reflect and reflect their environmental values. Pastel shares these values, and so we have developed the Naturapack series, which is recyclable and naturally soluble, with minimal impact on our world.

The Naturapack containers of Pastel consist of pure cellulose obtained from periodically re-planted forests. Excellent in terms of food contact, recyclable and naturally soluble. Frozen to Naturapack Cardboard The PET coating, which provides water, oil and heat resistance to food containers, is the best option in terms of direct contact with food.

The PET barrier coating has been specially developed to protect food against undesirable effects and has superior performance at very different temperatures. PET-coated Naturapack containers, thanks to their superior performance at different temperatures, allow the products to be stored in a freezer at - 40 ° C, to be heated or cooked in normal ovens or microwave ovens at + 200 ° C.

In this way, consumers with limited time prefer these products because of their functionality. The cardboard of Naturapack, the raw material of Naturapack, is supplied by the world's leading cardboard manufacturers, has been certified for direct contact with food, hygienic production, quality control systems and food safety.

Pastel Naturapack Carton Food Containers and Carton Covers are the ideal packaging option for fresh, chilled and deep-frozen foods and ready meals.