Market Rack - Your last chance to support your product before the last moments of your marketing campaign and purchase decision. The last few seconds for the consumer to choose your product or the competitor's product. According to a study conducted by the American Retail giant Walmart; consumers make up their purchase decision about the products on the shelves up to 4 meters from the shelf and within 3 seconds.

Today's retail markets require demanding product differentiation; the design and graphics of the packaging have become more critical in terms of product promotion and limited shelf space. Thus, the role of packaging plays an important role in the success of the product.

Naturapack's wide print area provides the basis for quality printing and graphics to make products much more noticeable. Consumers often want familiar brands, the visual impact on the package and the design directly affect the selection of the product from many alternatives.

Naturapack strengthens the attractiveness of your product to consumers thanks to its ili billboard çek effect. Without the need for a separate label, sleeve or carton box for printing outside of the container you put your product in, 8-color quality printing can be done on Naturapack Cardboard Food containers and Carton Covers.

Depending on your product's specifications and its positioning in the market, any shape can be applied to your stock or product specifically designed for your product.